In Memory Of

Somewhere in the trees, birds sing the chorus of their epic song, and squirrels scutter up trees, across branches and through the tall grass that surrounds me. A stream runs gently, quietly a few metres to my right, fed by a reservoir that runs almost dry. The sun is blazing down on the back of … More In Memory Of

Commonwealth Writers Competition 2018 (Pray for the Souls)

Back in October 2017, I entered a very prestigious writing competition, obviously called the Commonwealth Writers Competition. I sent in my absolute favourite short story that I’ve written, and to be honest with you, I set my hopes high. Very high in fact. My head was in the clouds… And it stayed that way pretty much … More Commonwealth Writers Competition 2018 (Pray for the Souls)


Hey everyone! It’s good to be back!   It seems that my life has entered a new chapter in the last couple of months I’ve been away, and with that comes a new chapter for Whiskey and words!   So let me start off this new chapter with a short story written by my fourteen-year-old … More Trapped

Hail, Feline Overlords!

The following is a work of fiction. A short story thanks to third place in Saturday’s prompt competition: Alice Leach. Adam, Derek and Samantha piled into the abandoned house and Derek slammed the door shut behind them. “Fuck, that was close!” Adam said in between rasping breaths. “I know!” Samantha replied, her own chest rising … More Hail, Feline Overlords!

A Text can Kill.

Image source: Google.   Neil Richards is just your average guy. Or should I say: he was. Chinese takeaway for tea, Hollyoaks on at six-thirty, bed by ten kind of guy. That was, until today. Neil wakes up to his alarm. It’s 7am. The birds are chirruping and whistling and singing outside his bedroom window, and there’s … More A Text can Kill.


To be honest with you, whoever reads this, I don’t know what to write. And I think that’s mainly down to how I’ve been feeling. Or rather, the fact that I don’t know how I feel. I know that when I started this blog, I had strong opinions on the monotony of daily working life, … More Honesty